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Saved story to RSO appointed to Broward Taks Force

5-6-2009 Florida:

Woman Speaks Out About Babysitter Abuse

5-22-2006 Florida:

One woman revealed her darkest secret, so she can help parents and especially their children. At age 12 she was molested by her babysitter. It was so shocking, she barely understood it. She talked about the incident with CBS 3 Anchor Pat Ciarrocchi.

When you see a blonde and beautiful Lauren Book walking a Florida beach, you wouldn't know she survived years of sexual abuse.

"Do I run and tell my Mom and Dad? I was too embarrassed to tell my Mom and Dad at the time," she said.

At the time, Lauren was 12. It was the first of five years she suffered sexual battery from a predator who had been hired by her unknowing parents as the family's nanny.

"Those people who think they know their children and that their children tell them everything, I'm living proof that's just not the case," Ron Book said.

Lauren's father, Ron Book, is a top political lawyer who's prided himself in being a good judge of character. Not long after he hired Waldina Flores as his children's nanny, Lauren began a dark journey.

First Lauren said it was passing physical contact. Then the incidents were more intimate and controlling.

"I would take a shower. She would watch me take a shower," Book said.

Ultimately, Lauren's depression and weight loss got her family's attention and in therapy, the truth was revealed.

"That this individual sexually assaulted my child, that's as bad as it gets," Ron Book said.

Flores (Walinda Flores) is now serving a 15-year sentence, but she still wrote Lauren love letters, which launched a Florida campaign to make it illegal for child molesters to contact their victims.

Now it's the law, but Ron Book said he has to deal with his guilt.

"How stupid of me, how blind me. How blind of us. She was just that good at what she did," he said.

Lauren is speaking out in order to help other young women who are abused speak up for themselves. ..Source.. by Pat Ciarrocchi

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