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CHART: Michigan Recidivism Rates: All released sex offenders -vs- non-sex offenders

This is research I (eAdvocate) did way back in 2005. The year after I posted this, the data it came from was deleted from the Parole Board Statistics manual.

Michigan Parole Board Recidivism Statistics:
Who will commit more new sex offenses within 4-years of being paroled, sex offenders -OR- non-sex offenders? According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Parole Board, non-sex offenders commit more new sex offenses when paroled!
Michigan Recidivism Rates:
All released sex offenders -vs- non-sex offenders

Michigan Parole Board Recidivism Statistics - 1990 through 2000
Number ReleasedAll Offenders Paroled 1990 through 2000ReConvicted for a New Sex Offense Over 11-years% of New Sex Offenses by Parolees
4,762Sex Offenders2.46% (117)28% (1 every 34 days)
66,227Non-Sex Offenders.45% (299)72% (1 every 13 days)
70,989All Offenders.59% (416)100%
Source: Extrapolated from Annual Michigan Department of Corrections, Statistical Report, Parole Board Charts D2 and D2a, years 1990 through 2000.

See source spreadsheet: Michigan Recidivism Stats 1990-2000. (Technical violations excluded)
Accordingly, released non-sex offenders will commit "2.6" sex offenses for every "ONE" committed by a sex offender! Who is the more dangerous group?

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