This blog is a Topical Personal Archive referenced by our other blogs. Article dates will be original date of news or research. Blog also contains "Informational" posts.

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This blog holds various articles and research referenced by other blogs. There is no coherent connection between contents of this blog. Blog is likened to a archive. In addition, it contains items brought forward from older eAdvocate sites.
News & Noteworthy:
Updated as news and court cases becomes available. Topics, issues, court cases, and consequences facing former sex offenders and those accused (adults & juveniles), in prison, jail, civil commitment and LifeAfter in society. The truth about recidivism, dangerousness, registration, community notification, harassment -to- vigilantism, therapy, and community issues of housing, employment and schools. United Nations human rights issues addressed. Site keeps advocates, criminal justice and mental health professionals, and public policy decision makers up to date.

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