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Saturday, February 28, 2015

He was 18, she was 14, man on sex offender list from technicality

2-28-2015 Michigan:

A young man is listed as a registered sex offender for life due to a high school relationship. Evans Costner was 18 at the time. His girlfriend, 14. But it comes down to a technicality because he was 23 days too old.

"My son has to spend the rest of his life on the registry," Donna Costner said. Costner had consensual sex with his high school freshman girlfriend. "We talked about and decided to do it," he said. "We took all the proper steps, wore protection."

Having sex with someone under 16 in the state of Michigan is illegal. FOX 2: "Didn't you know that was under age?" "No, well I knew it was under age," Costner said. "But I didn't think it would be such a big punishment."

Attorney Cheryl Carpenter said Costner did commit an offense - one which he pleaded guilty to. Costner said he realizes that being on the sex offender registry's implications. "Pretty much, my life is over," he said.

"Sex offender registry is different," Carpenter said. "That should not be applied in cases where teenagers in high school have consensual sex. Costner would not have been on the list, except for 23 days. "Twenty-three days does not make him a monster," Donna Costner said.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sex Offenders Employ Simple Techniques to Change Identity

2-26-15 New York:

Sexual offenses – particularly those against children – are among the most reprehensible of crimes.

Two techniques that sex offenders use to escape detection from the law are manipulating their ID and residing at addresses other than those reported to authorities, a nationwide study found.

Donald Rebovich, Ph.D., professor of criminal justice and executive director of the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP) at Utica College, conducted the study, "Hiding in Plain Sight? A Nationwide Study of the Use of Identity Manipulation by Registered Sex Offenders." Rebovich worked in conjunction with researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and ID Analytics, to study how sex offenders avoid registration/tracking under sex offender reporting/tracking systems. The data, which came from the National Sex Offender Registry maintained through the FBI and included cases from all 50 states, was analyzed to determine how often sex offenders manipulated their ID to escape detection, as well as the methods they used to do so.

What it's like inside the Florida village where only sex offenders live

2-14-2015 Florida's Miracle Village:

On the banks of Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida sits an isolated community of small, squat houses. About 150 residents, nearly all of them single men, make up this enclave, known as Miracle Village, and they all share one thing in common: They are all convicted sex offenders.

Founded in 2009 by minister Dick Witherow, the village is an attempt to ease the difficult and stringent regulations placed on those who were convicted of sex crimes, such as curfews and restrictions on internet use and where they can live. It was also an effort to introduce religious tenets into their daily life.

Some see it as a triumph in understanding, while others think it is dangerous and delusional.

Sofia Valiente, a young photographer from the area, spent three months living in the village, documenting its residents and their community. What she discovered changed her mind about sex offenders forever, and she hopes her work will pass on the same message. Her book of the work, titled "Miracle Village," can be purchased here. ... ... ..A complete series of pics of the village....

Monday, February 23, 2015

NY Sex Offender Ruling Sparks Discussion of Law's Real Value

2-23-15 New York:

"Bill O'Leary, a social worker who treats sex offenders on Long Island, said stigmatizing sex offenders and creating an atmosphere of fear over so-called "stranger danger," in which children are accosted by molesters on the street, is not helpful.

"We all grew up hearing about 'stranger danger,' but in most cases children are abused by someone they know, not by strangers," he said." ..Full Article This Came From.. by FRANK ELTMAN