Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's Untouchables: Sex Offenders

4-15-2014 Global:

Sex offenders are the foremost pariahs of our current day. In opinion polls, even intravenous drug users place higher. A recent series of high profile cases involving child sexual abuse have revealed the maddening frequency of the problem. My hometown newspaper now exists in electronic format, and as I read the local news, it seems that every other week brings a report of a new crime against minors. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Most are the product of incest, unreported, hushed up within families. The offenses that occur in a public setting, among those who aren't blood relatives, most often make it to most peoples' attention.

One of the few places sex offenders are welcomed and made to feel included are in houses of worship. It shouldn’t be said that the red carpet is necessarily rolled out for them. Yesterday, during Meeting for Worship, an issue that has lain smoldering for over a year once again took center stage. A frequently tone-deaf member of the Meeting implied strongly in her vocal ministry that the sex offender who has been Worshiping with us has no right to participate. He has provided no problems whatsoever for anyone since he began attending, three or so years ago. In her mind, exhaustive policies made to ensure child safety were a waste of time, since there was no way to contain the potential threat.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Teen Made Up Rape Report, Bath Police Say

5-7-2013 Ohio:

Girl will be charged for saying she was assaulted at Revere High School basketball game

A 15-year-old girl is being charged with making a false police report after claiming she was raped at a Revere High School basketball game in December.

The girl told police she was assaulted by a white male teen during a boys basketball game Dec. 7.

But Police Chief Michael McNeely said in a press release that "the allegation was determined to be false after a lengthy and thorough investigation by Bath police."

Evidence collected during the investigation disproved her report, and the girl later admitted the report was false, the news release said.

The charge against the girl, a first-degree misdemeanor, is pending in Summit County Juvenile Court.

Bath police credited cooperation by the Revere Local Schools administration with helping close the case. ..Source.. by Debbie Palmer

Chaneya Kelly Falsely Accused Father, Daryl Kelly, Of Rape, She Says

8-13-2013 New York:

A New York woman says that 16 years ago, her mother pressured her to lie and say her father raped her.

Chaneya Kelly was 9 years old when she says she told the lie that sent her father, Daryl Kelly, to prison. He's still incarcerated to this day. This week, she told NBC News she is doing all she can to get him freed.

“I'm 24 years old and I made this mistake when I was 9 years old,” she told the network, “but it's never too late to try and right your wrong. “

Chaneya Kelly was living with her parents in Newburgh, N.Y. in 1997, when she says her mother, Charade, repeatedly asked her if her father had touched her inappropriately. When the girl kept saying no, her mother allegedly said, "If you don't tell me the answer that I want to hear, I'm going to beat you."

Newport police warn parents of suspicious incident

4-11-2014 Vermont:

NEWPORT, Vt. - Newport police have a warning for Kingdom parents after a suspicious incident in the former Vermont Teddy Bear parking lot.

Police say just before 5 p.m., a four-door, maroon sedan approached two children playing in the lot off Farrant Street. The driver, described as a white man in his 40s with brown hair and a beard, allegedly asked the kids about another house on the street.

At this point, police don't believe the man was trying to abduct the children, but they remind parents to keep an eye on their kids when they're playing outside. They also urge parents and kids to call police if they spot a suspicious person or vehicle in their neighborhoods. ..Source.. by Jennifer Reading