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South Carolina Lawmakers Pitch Invasive Response To Refugee Resettlement

Registries are dangerous, and Lawmakers are fully aware of that fact. Then WHY do they treat sex offenders differently than any other criminal offense type?

1-30-16 South Carolina:

Some want people to know exactly where refugees live.

South Carolina lawmakers are contemplating a step that would be drastic even amid the string of extreme responses to Syrian refugee resettlement: a bill that would create a public online registry of all refugees and require police to track them.

A state Senate committee approved a bill to do so on Wednesday, although a Democratic lawmaker's objection has blocked it from going to the floor for now.

An online registry that contains refugees' addresses would be a dangerous proposition, critics say. Lawmakers have repeatedly told the public that admitting refugees would put communities at risk, and some South Carolina residents have joked about shooting them.

Even one Republican senator who supports the bill said creating a registry went too far, although she still believes Syrian refugee resettlement should be stopped. The bill applies to refugees from all countries, not just Syrians.

We’re All Offenders Who Haven’t Been Caught

11-24-15 New York, Virginia:

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Are we all sex offenders?

That’s the question posed to the audience of mostly college students by Galen Baughman, a Soros Justice Fellow and the final speaker at the City University of New York TEDx talks at the Borough of Manhattan Community College last week.

TEDx talks are known for introducing new speakers with new ideas on everything from tech, to teaching, to society — but Baughman was the first TEDx presenter to address the issue of sex offenders from an unusual viewpoint: He is one. And he must register as a sex offender forever.

His crime?

He had consensual sex with a teen when he was a teen. He was 19, his boyfriend, 14. They had sex once. It was consensual. The younger teen did not want to prosecute, but his parents did.

International Human Rights Instruments

As of this date (11-22-15) the following is correct:

Excellent alphabetic list of ALL International Human Rights Instruments

Ratification of International Human Rights Treaties - USA

As of this date (11-22-15) the following is correct:

This is quite a good table of all International Treaties/Documents and when, or if, the United States of America has signed/ratified such.

We must remember this Table is not a UN Official table it is kept up to date by the University of Minnesota, Human Rights Library.

With that in mind CLICK for the Table.

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