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Friday, October 2, 2015

Mom of NC sex offender concerned for son’s safety in prison

The mother is justified in her worry: See Killed/Murdered Archive and Current (Prison Stats on right side)

October 2015 Anywhere USA:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Last year, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation worked hundreds of child pornography cases just within the WBTV viewing area. Hundreds of cases. It’s a disturbing crime with helpless victims, and the accused criminals range from a school teacher to a church deacon.

But WBTV discovered the other victims of child pornography, the families of those accused.

“I used to have the preconceived notion it was the monster, the stereotypical guy that hangs out at the park and that’s not really who it is anymore,” said Special Agent Alan Flora with the SBI. Flora has worked computer crimes for 8 years.

“The SBI’s computer Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, or I-CAC Task force, is comprised of 140 member agencies; state, federal, and local agencies,” he told me at the SBI’s Harrisburg offices.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope Francis Tells Inmates That Society Can't Ignore Their Pain

9-24-2015 Pennsylvania:

The pope said it is "painful when we see prison systems which are not concerned to care for wounds, to soothe pain, to offer new possibilities."

PHILADELPHIA -- Pope Francis took a message of hope to about a hundred individuals currently incarcerated in an overcrowded facility in the City of Brotherly Love on Sunday, telling them any society "which cannot share or take seriously the pain of its children ... is a society 'condemned' to remain a hostage to itself, prey to the very things which cause that pain."

Francis, speaking at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, called for rehabilitation "which benefits and elevates the morale of the entire community" and said Jesus "asks us to create new opportunities: for inmates, for their families, for correctional authorities, and for society as a whole."

The facility holds almost 3,000 inmates, the vast majority of whom have not been convicted of the charges against them and are still awaiting trial. Nine of the inmates who had been set to meet with Pope Francis have been charged with murder, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Fifteen are facing rape charges, five have been charged with robbery, 12 with assault, 18 with alleged drug offenses and six with prostitution charges, according to the paper.

Pope Francis addresses Congress

9-24-2015 Washington DC:

Mr. Vice-President,

Mr. Speaker,

Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends,

I am most grateful for your invitation to address this Joint Session of Congress in "the land of the free and the home of the brave". I would like to think that the reason for this is that I too am a son of this great continent, from which we have all received so much and toward which we share a common responsibility.

Each son or daughter of a given country has a mission, a personal and social responsibility. Your own responsibility as members of Congress is to enable this country, by your legislative activity, to grow as a nation. You are the face of its people, their representatives. You are called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good, for this is the chief aim of all politics. A political society endures when it seeks, as a vocation, to satisfy common needs by stimulating the growth of all its members, especially those in situations of greater vulnerability or risk. Legislative activity is always based on care for the people. To this you have been invited, called and convened by those who elected you.

Text of Pope Francis' message to sex abuse victims

9-24-2015 Washington DC:

The message Pope Francis delivered to five sex abuse victims during a private meeting on Sunday, provided and translated to English by the Vatican:

My dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, I am grateful for this opportunity to meet you. I am blessed by your presence. Thank you for coming here today.

Words cannot fully express my sorrow for the abuse you suffered. You are precious children of God who should always expect our protection, our care and our love. I am profoundly sorry that your innocence was violated by those who you trusted. In some cases the trust was betrayed by members of your own family, in other cases by priests who carry a sacred responsibility for the care of soul. In all circumstances, the betrayal was a terrible violation of human dignity.

For those who were abused by a member of the clergy, I am deeply sorry for the times when you or your family spoke out, to report the abuse, but you were not heard or believed. Please know that the Holy Father hears you and believes you. I deeply regret that some bishops failed in their responsibility to protect children. It is very disturbing to know that in some cases bishops even were abusers. I pledge to you that we will follow the path of truth wherever it may lead. Clergy and bishops will be held accountable when they abuse or fail to protect children.