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--- Privacy ---


We regard privacy and anonymity as one of our most important functions. We do not rent, sell or in any way exchange information about any e-mail addresses of visitors or volunteers.

** PRIVACY and the INTERNET **

The Internet, by virtue of its technology, raises privacy concerns which individual websites and blogs cannot address. This policy does not cover privacy concerns related to your presence on the Internet. This policy covers information which visitors and volunteers present to this website.

This site does not gather visitor's personal information. We do keep an incremental counter of our visitors. We do advise you, that there are companies and programs which have the ability to monitor Internet users when they are on a particular website.

This site does not place cookies on your computer. However, visitors should know, that our sites are on a public Host Computer, and that host may or may not write cookies to your computer. What the host site does is not under our control.

The only information sent to your computer is, information you select to read from our pages of information, which is sent to your computer. Your browser may or may not keep that information for a period of time. Contact the vendor of that browser for further information about that browser's operation.

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