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--- Our Mission -and- Deeper Purpose ---

----Our Mission----

Above are our blogs that provide information about sex offender topics. We cover topics, issues, pending and historical court cases, and consequences facing, adult and juvenile sex offenders, in prison and LifeAfter in society.

Current issues, sex offender registries, recidivism, dangerousness, risk assessment tools, therapy, civil commitment, subtle vigilantism, harassment and discrimination are all covered. Also other community concerns related to sex offender issues, and the United Nations human rights issues.

These blogs are an advocacy central repository of information about sex offender issues, founded under Project Anonymity. Accordingly, we do not reveal any information about visitors or volunteers. The information found on these sites is not "Legal Advice." If anyone needs legal advice, please seek local legal counsel where you live, as those lawyers know local laws best. Our information comes from many folks, professionals and nonprofessionals of many fields, ex-offenders, their friends and family, and research we do on issues and concerns raised.

While our advocacy keeps folks updated, it is intended to be educational for criminal justice and mental health professionals, and public policy decision makers, as well as offenders and their families and friends. Our mission of education and elimination of sexual abuse is accomplished through our deeper purpose, see below.

It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, "a Discussion-Safety-Zone for related topics" while preserving our "Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy" and to interact without judgment. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!

----Deeper Purpose----

Our deeper purpose centers around the spirit and fundamental meaning of the United Nations, Declaration of Human Rights. We believe laws that have been -and are being enacted- to control previously convicted sex offenders, violate both the spirit and intent of the Declaration of Human Rights, as we have identified under each Article of that document.

While recognizing past acts of these offenders, we do not condone or try to justify them. These acts are embedded in emotional history. For healing to begin society, victims, the offenders and their families must create an environment conducive to healing and restoration. Such an environment has followed every major war, and today society needs to rebuild itself; creating a LifeAfter Sex Abuses one case at a time.

Unfortunately many folks believe in the hatred, the vindictiveness, the further retribution, the "separate them from us" colonizing the sex offender; societal relagation. This isolationism -a division of sorts- is precisely what perpetuates abuses. Society fails to recognize this. Today's laws are perpetuating isolationism preventing healing, and eroding fundamental rights of everyone.

Our deeper purpose leans toward exposing myths and misconceptions, and revealing what masks truths about sex offenders. We foster understanding, promotion of healing and stop the witch-hunting of sex offenders that causes folks to isolate, which furthers the cycles of abuse.

Society in general, buried in hatred, is unaware of what is happening in the name of public safety. The hysteria caused by misinformation about sex offenders is fueling vigilantism, harassment, protests, media frenzy, and the feel-good legislation. This drives the untreated sex offender underground into deeper isolation and triggers cycles of abuse.

Society feels it should, divide and isolate themselves from sex offenders. However, that act perpetuates the abuse cycle. Many psychiatrists and other professionals have recognized this. So our deeper purpose is to show society the errors caused by misinformation, and to integrate sex offenders into mainstream society, rather than isolate them to a place where sex abuses occur.

We are a "Human Rights" Advocacy website. Advocating for the LifeAfter offender and their "Zones of Associations," family, friends, associates, and many others who through life's circumstances cross paths with former offenders. Registries, community notification laws and other laws affect them as well.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and well thought out misiion statement. Being a long time follower of these sites I can quite comfortably say that everything stated above is 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

I know my words are unable to express the deep sense of gratitude I felt when I read your deeper purpose statement. Most of the written comments I have seen on this issue are negative knee jerk emotional reactions.

I am forwarding your site to two writers for the Miami Herald (Fred Grimm and Julie Brown) who have written well thought out pieces on this issue, in the hopes they use some of the bountiful information your site provides.

Thank you for your compassion. You site has made today a special day for me. A day where I am realizing there is more support out there than I thought. A day where I am now more motivated to forgive myself a little more for the mistake I made, and will not repeat. A day to learn and grow so as to be a better person. This is how your site has impacted me.

If you believe in a god, than may your god bless you. If not, then know that whatever spiritual component has driven you to take this humane approach has made a difference in the life of a fellow human being.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well done.
I am a past misdemeanor offender who seeks to show society that everyone will feel safer when we seperate, in our minds, what the worst offenders did, from what mostly happens - one time crimes of opportunity.
You all might be inspired to know the the PA Sexual Ofenders Assessment Board has a link to a Human Rights Watch study "Sex Offenders No Easy Answers" where some tough questions get asked about if community notification laws really work that well. First posted Sep. 11th,2007.
Very interesting because the SOAB mission's statement mostly comes from Megan's Law!
I also highly recommend SOSEN-Sex Offender Support and Education Network.
Also, was just informed about an article in the Economist where they make a case for 'taking it down a notch' for low-mid level offenders so that we can concentrate on not letting monsters like the guy with girls in his back yard get away with stuff like that.
Please be sure, I know that people checking in to a site like this are NOT monsters. It's just that everyone's life is better when there aren't monsters out there.
I urge action to combat the stereotypes out there. Especially to offenders that were victims as children- that stuff robs you of your personal empowerment. But nothing will get done sitting at home crying. Take the fight to the system and make it hard for them.
CIVIL RIGHTS COME FROM CIVIL WRONGS! No Civil Right was ever Granted-it was Fought For!
Anyway, I truly wish the best for anyone who's chosen the right path. Keep up the good fight and stay strong! said...

Having worked with offenders for 16 years I realize the longer you work with them the more likely you are to defend them.

This is because you begin to empathize with them. You become desensitized and think horrible things aren't that bad.

There is no way you can ever prove if treatment works. It is completely impossible. Treatment often only makes offenders better at covering up their offenses.

Unfortunately I see a lot of excuses made for offenders. They don't need any, they have plenty of their own.