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Small turnout for informational meeting as sex offender returns to Brainerd

2-23-15 New York:


In a recidivism study in 2012 looking at 3,166 offenders released between 1990 and 2002 and sex offenses, 12 percent were rearrested, 10 percent reconvicted and 7 percent were back behind bars. The numbers go up for non sex-related offenses with 42 percent rearrested, 39 percent reconvicted and 19 percent re-incarcerated. Of the 224 sexual reoffenses, Hustad reported restricting where the offender could live - near a school, park playground or day care, would have had little effect.

If there was a message with the sex offender notification meeting Tuesday beyond announcing Wheeler's release, it was 90 percent of sex offenders have no prior conviction, 90 percent are registering as sex offenders for the first time and 90 percent of sex offenders are known to their victims.

It's not where someone lives, Hustad said, but it is about the relationships. ..Source.. by Renee Richardson

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