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UPDATE: Veteran Sex Offender's Dream Trip Cancelled

1-16-2015 Ohio:

The criminal past of a terminally ill veteran is coming back to haunt him.

We showed you how an organization was granting two brothers, both terminally ill, their final wish. Wednesday, Army and Navy veterans Roger and Greg Poston were granted a lifelong dream: an all expenses paid vacation to the Grand Canyon.

But the dark past of one of the brothers would soon come to light.

Gregory Poston went to prison in 2008 for gross sexual imposition of a juvenile. Prosecutors tell us the the girl was under the age of 13.

Wednesday that victim's family saw Poston on television for the first time in years. Randy Cramer is a family friend of the victim and spoke to us on their behalf.

"Very surprising someone had found him worthy of a trip, a last request for what he had done. It didn't really seem fair," Cramer said by phone Thursday (January 15th, 2015)

"They've been struggling for years emotionally with mental stress with their daughters being victimized. And [it's] kinda like, like catching the wound."

After extensive consideration The Dream Foundation out of Santa Barbara, CA made a difficult decision and released the following statement:

"After speaking with members of this individual's community, and consulting with our legal counsel and board of directors, Dream Foundation does not believe it is appropriate to proceed in the fulfillment of this individual's dream."

The Dream Foundation has been around 20 years and this is the first incident of its kind. While they don't have the resources to do background checks on thousands of applications, they have made a change to their policies. Now all applicants will have to disclose if they've been convicted of a felony. ..Source.. by

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