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Sex offender arrested in Six Flags’ water park

Two points: 1) How does a parked vehicle look suspicious? A coverup for checking all license plates?

2) Journalist misrepresenting the facts? "but this case serves as a reminder that child abuse can happen anywhere." There was no abuse in this case; why make such a statement?

4-25-2013 Missouri:

EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – Eureka police are looking for any additional information about a registered sex offender who was arrested this summer at Six Flags amusement park. 64-year old Albert L. Huck of rural Washington County was found near the water park on Sunday of the July 4th weekend. To date, police have no information that he approached any children.

Six Flags management said Huck had been banned from the park because of his criminal record. He was convicted thirty years ago of raping a child and served time in prison. As a consequence he must be listed on Missouri’s Sex Offender Registry.

Lt. Dave Wilson credited Officer Shawn Dulz with running a license plate check on a suspicious looking vehicle parked on a Six Flags lot on Sunday July 6th. That brought up Huck’s name and criminal record. At that point, Six Flags security staff began to look for him inside the park. When he was located, he was arrested.

In a court document, Officer Dulz said Huck used an alias to purchase a 2014 season pass to Six Flags. It is not clear how many times he might have been inside the park off I-44 in Eureka.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor has filed a Class D felony charge against Huck: “Sex Offender Physically Present Within 500 feet of a Park with Playground/pool.” The case will be referred to a grand jury for review.

Six Flags issued a statement saying, “The safety and well-being of our guests is our top priority. Registered sex offenders are not allowed at the park and are asked to leave if we discover they are on property. “

The firm went on to say, “The person in question was previously banned as a result of his prior conviction, which was not related to the park in any way.”

Lt. Wilson praised Six Flags for the training it provides employees. “We conduct training with them and so they are well aware of this problem and have a watchful eye on the areas such as swimming pool, restrooms and places where children might frequent and might be subject to someone of this nature,” Wilson explained.

He said there are very few such incidents at Six Flags each year but this case serves as a reminder that child abuse can happen anywhere. ..Source.. by Betsey Bruce

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