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Police: Teen fabricated rape claim

10-22-2013 Connecticut:

Woman could face charges of filing false police report.

Authorities could charge an 18-year-old Huron County woman with filing a false police report after investigators determined she made up a story that she was raped.

County authorities had been investigating the alleged rape of the 18-year-old female by an 18-year-old male within the last two weeks.

Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick has said the two were living in the same foster home at one point. He added during initial interviews it wasn't "clear cut exactly what did take place."

On Saturday, Detective Bill Duncan and Sgt. Steve Shupp re-interviewed the alleged victim, who admitted she lied when she said she was raped. It turned out the sexual activity was consensual as the alleged suspect had said, Patrick said.

"Now it's a matter of whether she's going to get charged for fabricating that story," Patrick said. He added authorities will send information to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Patrick commended Duncan and Shupp for uncovering the truth.

"They did a phenomenal job," he said, adding they used different interview techniques to before the female teenager admitted she fabricated the story about a rape.

"Her story wasn't adding up," Patrick said. ..Source.. by Aaron Krause

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