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Sex offender arrested when applying for public assistance

4-10-2013 New York:

A registered sex offender who failed to register his address in recent months was arrested Tuesday as he applied for emergency housing assistance, police said.

Charles M. Allen, 27, was charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a felony, after an investigation by the Washington County Sheriff's Office and county Department of Social Services, police said.

Sheriff's Senior Investigator Bruce Hamilton, working from a newly established office in the Department of Social Services, arrested Allen.

He said Allen had been moving from home to home in recent months, and when running out of places to stay, he applied for housing assistance. He had been staying most recently at a motel on Route 9 in Moreau.

Allen is a Level 1 sex offender who has to registered because of a 2004 misdemeanor conviction for sexual misconduct. He has been arrested at least twice previously for failing to register.

Allen was arraigned Tuesday in Fort Edward Town Court and sent to Washington County Jail for lack of bail. ..Source.. by

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