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Letter to the editor in the Billings Gazette


Letter to the editor found here:

I'd like to comment on an article written by ____, concerning a false rape claim by ______ in The Gazette. First of all, I received this article via email from The Society Of The Wrongfully Accused.

I myself was a false rape victim back in September of 1995 while living in ___. I was accused by a woman I never even shook hands with. I was arrested, charged and thrown into jail without any consideration and had the embarrassment of having my name and charges splattered all over the Sacramento Bee.

The embarrassment and humiliation to my wife, my daughter and myself was immeasurable; it caused severe emotional trauma and in some ways permanent damage to my marriage. I hope and pray this woman receives the justice she deserves and that some day laws are passed making false rape claims a felony. They also should be treated as a sex crime. Even though no physical rape was committed, men who are almost always the victims in these cases, are raped by the justice system. If they are unfortunately convicted and sent to prison, they are often physically raped and sometimes murdered.

I once worked as a correctional officer for four years in a maximum security federal penitentiary and know that convicted rapists and child molesters are often targeted for violence by other inmates; any amount of time in prison for me would have ended my life. ... But the biggest crime of all, are committed by people who bare false witness against others.

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