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Sex Offenders Focus of Santa Clara Sweep

4-22-2011 California:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Law enforcement agents made checks on dozens of sex offenders on parole or probation in Santa Clara County Thursday night.
One stop was the Saint Francis Motel on The Alameda in Santa Clara where 14 offenders reside.

“People will leave them alone here,” a law enforcement officer told KTVU News. “This isn't a place where people really want to live.”

Officers arrested one man, for having pornography on his laptop computer, a parole violation because he'd already been convicted of a sex offense against a child.

“We're going to take the computer to the Sheriff's office to do a more thorough search to see if there's anything child related which may lead to something else,” parole agent Steve Van Bebber said.

It was the first arrest during the sweep by a special task force, which is comprised of members of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, Santa Clara Police, U.S. Marshals, along with probation and parole agents.

Agents said tight funding makes operations of this size only possible a few times a year. Agents said it's critical to public safety even if most of the offenders they check aren't in violation.

“There's a lot of us that are not a threat to anybody,” one offender told KTVU News. “I totally understand, I respect what they're doing.”

Agents said they usually find about 20 percent of offenders in violation and get re-arrested. ..Source.. by

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