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The Collateral Effects of Evolving Sex Laws on Sexual Circumstances -Too Often- Result in Deaths of Innocent People


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Anonymous said...

I am a low risk to re-offend convicted sex offender. I am living a clean, responsible, and productive life after undergoing rehabilitative therapy. Upon looking to relocate to another state, I discovered that the new state would require me to have a 'scarlet letter' on my Driver's License! Dread washed over me and thoughts of suicide creeped in. I am not a danger to society, yet, I will always be treated as if I were a Salem Witch. When will the people of this country wake up to the fact that a VERY small percentage of convicted sex offenders remain a danger to society... yet through the right-wing scare tactics of lawmakers, the offenders' danger level is increased... by the laws that are supposedly put in place to 'protect' society!