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Breaking News: Breasts Are Popular

Study Finds Breasts Might Fascinate Women As Much As Men

To the end of line, men. Women are also intrigued by men.

Since the beginning of time, there have been prehistoric beasts, the battle for survival and breasts. Also since the beginning of time, there have been men obsessed with breasts. Coppell's Tony says, "Hello?" Yes, they are." But hang with me, Tony. There is something more surprising: women might be just as interested in their chests as men are. Jordan Cotton says, "It's part of the sex appeal, the whole sex appeal idea."

Men's Health surveyed 700 women and found most of them consider "their girls" to be key parts of their sexual identity. 62% of the responding women said it's more exciting to pull off their tops than their bottoms. 78% prefer to be on top during sex to better show off their breasts. And size, at least in this case, may not matter. Katy Gregson says, "I'm not real 'chested', but I still get the same treatment as girls who have bigger chests do. Guys still look at me the same."

We hit Tilted Kilt in Grapevine to investigate why guys like women's breasts. But Jim McClellan stopped us in our tracks, saying, "It's obvious."

Okay, Jim, so maybe it was a dumb question. Tony answered it for me anyway, "We don't have them. It's different. They're all different. They're all shaped differently. It's a beautiful thing. And it's a taboo women have to cover them up, so men want them even more."

Men's Health found women don't mind. 75% of those surveyed think men's fascination with what's south-of-their-face is harmless. 70% assume most guys are breast men. Jordan Cotton, a server at Tilted Kilt, says, " Yeah, they do like boobs. People pay thousands of dollar, they have payment plans on boobs and people who don't even have a car can afford to buy boobs these days."

So, alas, some men have no chance against the chest. Arlington's Jimmy Varga says, "When you take a look at advertising and marketing and what's all over tv and what sells, c'mon, breasts sell."

Apparently, we're all buying. ..Source.. by Shana Franklin

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