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ME- Marshall visited homes of other sex offenders: CP

4-27-2006 Maine:

The Cape Breton man who used an online registry to track down and kill two sex offenders in Maine visited the homes of another four offenders but no one came to the door, The Canadian Press reported.

Maine police told CP that investigators traced Stephen Marshall's movements during his trip to Maine using a global satellite positioning program on a laptop computer in his possession.

Det. Brian Strout, an investigator with Maine State Police, confirmed that another four people were visited.

"Obviously he did have a plan in place," he said.

"Maybe we'll find it. We haven't uncovered it fully yet, but he had some kind of plan there."

Strout and a partner returned from the Marshall's hometown in North Sydney, N.S., where he collected evidence from his apartment.

A source who asked to remain anonymous suggested other sex offenders were lucky to be alive.

"There were two people killed; there was the potential for four more," he told CP. "They either weren't home, or they didn't answer the door."

The unnamed source said Marshall "had a street-finder GPS program on his computer specifically to find the addresses."

The laptop was found next to Marshall's body after he killed himself on a bus in Boston after being confronted by police.

Police say Marshall, 20, visited Maine's online sex-offender registry and researched the addresses of at least 34 people.

Marshall gunned down Joseph Gray, 57, of Milo, Maine, and William Elliott, 24, of Corinth, Maine, just over a week ago on Easter weekend, authorities say.

Friends in Idaho and Nova Scotia have told media that Marshall felt strongly about pedophiles. One of them said he thought pedophiles were "worse than killers" while another said he was especially protective of his younger sister in Nova Scotia.

Chris Reisdorph, who befriended Marshall when they were boys, told CP he and his older brother often discussed with Marshall about how they regarded sex offenders as the ultimate predators.

The two became close friends when Marshall and his father moved to the tiny Idaho town of Culdesac.

The pair put together a now-offline blog that included links to favourite sites, including one on "how to spot a pedophile."

The site also posted a list of 10 suicide methods in "How to kill yourself like a man," as well as a link to a website with some 3,000 photos of firearms he called "the sweetist (sic) pics of weapons that you can find anywhere."

Chris Catapano, a friend of Marshall's in Cape Breton, said he knew Marshall despised sex offenders.

"I know he had a lot of hatred for things like that," Catapano told the Cape Breton Post.

However, learning Marshall dedicated web space to informing others how to commit suicide "like a man" distressed Catapano.

"I never expected him to even think of things like this." ..Source.. by News Staff

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